The non-post.

Many of you have been rightfully pestering me to write a new post, seeing as the last one was 2 weeks ago! (I usually aim for a post per week). The reason I haven’t written lately is not lack of inspiration but purely that I’ve been too busy. Being too busy is probably the most used, and lamest, excuse around. But seriously, I’ve been too busy. Mainly taking some interesting evening classes, which I hope to write about sometime.

So this post is technically not a real post, but a teaser-post, which aims to: apologize for the delay in getting a new post out there; keep you excited and waiting for the next one; keep you from giving up on me completely; and get you involved in the process.

How? By letting you decide the topic of the next post. Getting your responses oughta kick me into gear.

Before I give you the choices, let me explain a bit about how I write. Sometimes an incident or story inspires a post, and then once it’s written, I come up with the title. Other times a title simply comes to mind and then I write a post as a response to that title. And the post might not even directly answer the title, it might simply begin there and then spin and dance its way to where it wants to go.

So what you will be choosing is not the topic as such, but the title. I came up with four titles today. I think I’ll eventually write posts for all four, but let’s choose the next one.

Once the title is secured, nobody knows where the post might go, but I hope you’ll join me for the ride, and we’ll find out together.

The choices are*:

  1. ‘Edit when sober’
  2. ‘Your grandma’s sex life’
  3. ‘She’s mine’
  4. ‘Indecent proposal’

* You can share your choice by posting a reply to this post, or by writing on the facebook page, or on twitter by mentioning @Blushingsblog (