About Blushing

I hesitated for a long time to start a blog because I couldn’t decide what kind of blog it should be, nor what I would write about. Then one day, I just jumped into it. It almost sounds fake, but I started this blog on 11/11/11. I didn’t even notice the date until the WP stat page told me so. That day, inspired, I stayed at the office until midnight, went to wordpress, and without thinking, typed ‘yup, this is it’.

The blog shaped itself, and it’s about nothing and everything: Life, love, and things like that. In reference to my nickname, I actually blush very rarely, but love the feeling when I do.

Small life incidents are the inspiration to what I write, but I hope no one I know will get offended by anything I write or think it’s directly about them. A person I describe is often an amalgam of several, and an incident is described in the way that I remember or felt it.

The black and white picture is of me during a play. Try to have a guess at what the purple picture is of. It is one of the first (of very few) pictures I ever took with an SLR cam, which got stolen a couple of weeks later.

Update May 26, 2012: Read this line today and it struck a chord… Is this why some of us blog? Why we write our stories? “En racontant sa vie aux autres, il y a un travail insoupçonnable de redécouverte de soi.” Alexandre Najjar


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